The right mindset is critical in creating successful analysis solutions that you can rely on in high-pressure situations. It starts with building a strong knowledge base of the tools you can leverage. Sophie Bone, Lead Performance Analyst with the London City Lionesses in FA WSL 2 shares how she approaches this topic to help create confidence.

How can we deliver higher quality data, and in-turn higher quality analysis, with strained budgets and limited access to additional personnel?

Across sports, it has never been more relevant, and we’ve seen an added importance put on creating flexible analysis solutions that bring efficiency at scale. Additional factors–travel, location, in-venue access to technology, make it even more important to have analysis tools, and more importantly, a workflow, that are flexible and adaptable to any situation faced.

Sophie Bone, Lead Performance Analyst with the London City Lionesses, has a unique approach to analysis. Like many others, she’s a lone wolf– tasked with not only opposition and match analysis, but recruitment and data analysis as well. What’s unique about their approach is the staff's ability to be self-sufficient with the analysis workflows that Sophie has built at the club. It’s brought a cohesive approach that has led to results.

Sophie shares her tips to enablement, and how to have an adaptable approach to analysis solutions– so that you can rely on them in any situation.